What is ComputerCraft?Edit

ComputerCraft is a Minecraft mod (with full multiplayer support) that adds in-game Computers. Each Computer has an operating system, a filesystem, a suite of builtin programs (including a text editor, a realtime Lua interpreter, and two games), and can be programmed to do anything you want with the easy-to-use Lua programming language. Computers can interact with redstone wiring and bundled cables from the RedPower2 mod, meaning they can be used to fully automate and control your worlds. With peripheral devices, the capabilities of computers can be expanded further, with Disk Drives adding the ability to transfer files between computers and play music, Wireless Modems adding Wireless Networking between machines, and Monitors adding external large external displays .

Where can I get ComputerCraft?Edit

You can get ComputerCraft at

What is the Technic Pack? What does it have to do with ComputerCraft?Edit

The Technic Pack is essentially a ‘brand’ of modpack for Minecraft. One of the mods included with the Technic Pack is the ComputerMod. You can download the Technic Pack at