Best ComputerCraft Lua Script 2014Edit

There is gonna be a contest for whoever can design the Best Lua Script for ComputerCraft.

The Script will be judged by the following catergories; Usefulness, Creativity, Simplicity, Complexity, Length, Quality & Functionality.

Judged by The Cactus Kid

Please submit your scripts below.

  • (Submit Here)

Submission ends on 12/31/2014

B.C.L.S. 2014 People's ChoiceEdit

You can vote below for your favorite entry!

  • (Vote Here)

Voting Rules:You may only vote once and for one entry only, You must sign your vote with four tildes. Failure to comply with rules will void your vote.

Voting ends on 12/31/2014

B.C.L.S 2014 Winner!Edit

Question Mark

2014 Winner - Example Man

This Could Be You!

B.C.L.S 2014 People's Choice Winner!Edit

This Could Be You!

Question Mark

2014 People's Choice Winner - Example Man


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